This week in the mags – Amazing pictures which make a story

This week in the mags – Amazing pictures which make a story

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Rachel Butler


Any story with amazing pictures will always prove popular with the magazines. In fact the better the pictures, the more money you could earn. This week we have had several stories published with great photographs. Take a look and let us know what you think!

This is what a sunbed did to me

Sandi, 37, was so addicted to tanning that she even had her own sunbed. But the shocking health risks made her quit seven years ago. Then, planning her outfit for a wedding last August, she decided to get back on the sunbeds – and a sinister lump appeared on her nose. After trawling the internet she realised it was skin cancer. In March Sandi had an operation to remove the deadly growth, leaving a hole in her nose. We placed her story in Pick Me Up magazine.

I spray tan my 3-year-old!

Determined to give her baby daughter confidence for the future Lauren, 26, entered 10-month-old Savannah into a beauty pageant. By the age of two, the tot had endured her first spray tan, before her mum plastered her in make-up and even invested in a modelling coach. Lauren says Savannah, now three, loves modelling and believes the £3,000 she spends on her a month will boost her self-esteem. Lauren’s story and shocking pictures were placed in Best magazine.

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Other stories published this week

Fish , chips and ME on the side

Aged 13, Pippa got a job in her local chip shop. There, the 36-year-old shop manager Michael groomed her for sex. Believing she was in love, Pippa embarked on a four year relationship with Michael, meeting him for sick sex sessions in his chippy. Pippa, now 22, finally realised the relationship was wrong and went to the police. Michael was jailed for four years in July 2010. We sold her shocking story to Love It! magazine.

Pitch and butt!

Emma, 28, bared all for charity with her twin sister Sarah – setting a wacky world record for the most naked people riding a rollercoaster. The cheeky pictures from the exhilarating event hit national newspaper headlines, inspiring generous charity donations. So the twins didn’t hesitate to get their kit off again in March for a second world record – most people to play mini golf naked in an hour! We placed her story in Full House magazine.