This week in the mags: When cosmetic surgery goes wrong

This week in the mags: When cosmetic surgery goes wrong

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Rachel Butler

Women who have had botched surgery sell their story for a number of different reasons – but the main one is to warn others about the dangers. Here at Medavia, we always have success in selling stories about cosmetic surgery to the UK’s most popular magazines.

My hubby left me after botched bum jabs

Weeks after Natalie, 32, had injections to enlarge her bum her skin sagged, turned lumpy and her bum looked like it belonged to an OAP. Horrified, she discovered she’d been injected with cement. She testified against her bogus doctor but her confidence hit rock bottom. She hid her shocking behind from DeShawn, 43, until they’d wed. But her rear wrecked their marriage and last month, DeShawn divorced her. We placed Natalie’s shocking story in Reveal magazine.

Boob implants I longed for exploded… now I’m terrified my new ones will be rejected too

Kylie, 27, was so insecure about her flat-chest that she wore chicken fillets everywhere – even in bed. Diagnosed with depression, she dreaded holidays in the sun. Last year, her parents offered to pay for a boob job and even booked a celebratory family holiday so Kylie could wear her first ever bikini. But in April this year, just two months before the special holiday, Kylie’s bubble burst – when her dream boobs exploded. She had the implants replaced but it is still too early for her to know whether they will be rejected. We placed Kylie’s story in The Sun.

Stories about botched cosmetic surgery could earn you hundreds of pounds. You could get even more if you have pictures. Call us on 0117 973 0705 if you want to discuss your story. Alternatively, fill in the form on the right and one of our writers will give you a call.

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Stephanie's story in Woman
Stephanie’s story in Woman

If I hadn’t had a car crash, I wouldn’t have my children

Stephanie, 41, was a dedicated career woman who was so determined not to have children that she booked an appointment to be sterilised. But shortly after moving in with boyfriend James, she was involved in a horror 80mph car crash. The smash completely changed her outlook on life. James confessed he longed for kids and had considered ending the relationship because of Stephanie’s views. Now, the pair are married with two children. We sold her story to Woman magazine.

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