This week in the magazines – Warning others about anorexia

This week in the magazines – Warning others about anorexia

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Rachel Butler


Statistics show that 1 in 100 women aged between 15 and 30 suffer from anorexia, of which around 40% make a recovery. For those that do recover, many go on to tell their story to raise awareness of the illness – and to warn others about its potentially fatal consequences. Here at Sell My Story, we regularly work with brave women who have recovered from anorexia. These stories are always wanted by the women’s magazine market we work with.



Weighing 14 stone and with a BMI of 31.6, Annaleigh was classed as clinically obese at just 17 years old. So she started an extreme diet. Obsessed, Annaleigh ate just 100 calories a day. She lost nine stone in eight months and was diagnosed with anorexia, then sectioned. In and out of hospital for three years, it took a suspected heart attack to encourage her to get better. Now 21, she weighs a healthy 8.5st. Her story appeared in That’s Life magazine.


Jevgenija, 21, was a professional high jumper who represented her home country, Estonia, in the European Olympic Festival. But when Jevgenija moved to England in 2010, she stepped up her strict training regime – and shrank to a skeletal size zero. Jevgenija was diagnosed with anorexia and forced to give up her Olympic dream. After a year of treatment, she’s now recovered. We placed her story in Reveal magazine.

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As newly-weds Louise, now 47, and husband Bernard, 64, tried desperately to have a baby, but without success. After Louise suffered an ectopic pregnancy and they spent thousands on IVF, the couple accepted they would remain childless. 17 years later, Louise made a shocking discovery – she was pregnant. A second baby followed and last month Louise had twins! We placed Louise’s heart-warming story in The Mirror.




The letters of true love

While going through a difficult divorce, Michelle, 46, took up playing online Scrabble to take her mind off her troubles. Through the game she met Harry, 56. They became friends and after Michelle visited Harry in January this year, they fell in love. Three months later Harry proposed – using a game of Scrabble. Michelle moved from her home in the USA to be with Harry in Scotland – and they are planning to marry next year. We placed their story in Chat magazine.

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