This week in the magazines – No sex, hubby… You’re too tubby!

This week in the magazines – No sex, hubby… You’re too tubby!

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Rachel Butler


Relationship stories are popular with women’s magazine readers – and they can earn you mega bucks. Perhaps you met your husband in a strange situation – or maybe you want to expose a love rat. At Medavia, we deal with relationship stories every day and are successful at placing them in popular publications. This week we’ve had several relationship stories published in the magazines.

No sex, hubby – you’re too tubby!

Three years after marrying, 21st Lyndsey and 35st Phil underwent gastric bypasses – and lost a staggering 20 stone between them. But after the surgery their marriage faltered and, feeling alienated from her husband, Lyndsey, 29, succumbed to a one-night stand. Devastated, Phil, 35, has forgiven her betrayal – and says that their marriage is now stronger because of Lyndsey’s affair. We placed their story in Take a Break, the UK’s biggest-selling magazine.

Other stories published this week


Love at first Skype!

Preparing to move to England from her home in Brazil, Simone, 29, randomly added strangers on Skype in a bid to make new friends. She added Chris, 30 – a total stranger – and the pair got chatting. When she moved to England the couple met in person. They hit it off and last year they married. Now Simone can’t believe her luck – she dialled a random number and bagged a husband! Her heartwarming story was sold to Pick Me Up magazine.





I’m proof holiday love lasts!

When Jemma, 28, fell for a Turkish waiter while on holiday, everyone thought she was crazy. But she ignored them, and when he proposed she said yes. Now, 11 years on, the couple are still happily married and have four children. We placed their story in the People’s Take It Easy magazine.





We switched sex – now we’re getting married!

When Valicia’s boyfriend Zach said he wanted to be a woman, she revealed her own secret desire – she wanted to be a man. They both had surgery – and stayed together as a couple, now called Ryder and Noah. Their story was sold to Closer magazine.


I beat my hubby like Corrie’s Tyrone

Emma, 32, found herself downing vodka every day to boost her confidence, even before her children’s parents evenings. Her husband James, 34, eventually left her as she became more and more abusive – pushing and even biting him during drunken rages. She moved into a refuge and hit rock bottom. Now, she has reunited with James – who has helped her stay sober for seven months. We placed their story in The Sun.


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