This week in the magazines: Brave women tell their stories

This week in the magazines: Brave women tell their stories

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Rachel Butler

Here at Medavia, we speak to so many inspirational women every week. Whether they are fighting an illness or caring for a poorly loved one, all have a story to tell. We have success in placing their stories in popular magazines which are read by millions of women every week.

Kerry's story in Pick Me Up
Kerry’s story in Pick Me Up

I may be dying… but I’m blessed

Kerry, 35, was delighted when her partner Kevin proposed and excitedly began planning their wedding. Then doctors delivered a bombshell. Just months before their big day, Kerry was diagnosed with breast cancer. The wedding was off and never spoken of again. After a four-year battle, she was told her cancer is terminal. Earlier this year Kevin surprised her – with her dream wedding. We placed brave Kerry’s story in Pick Me Up magazine.

Other stories published this week


I lost 9st and my groom

Bride-to-be Lexi wanted to slim down 15st for her wedding day. But her diet spiralled out of control – and she dropped to six stone. Just six months before her wedding, Lexi’s size 14 wedding dress swamped her tiny frame and her family urged her to put on weight. The strain of her eating disorder ended her marriage six months after the big day. The split inspired the 29-year-old to begin her recovery. Lexi’s story was sold to That’s Life magazine.

Jackie's story in Bella
Jackie’s story in Bella

So sick, I wanted to kill my baby

Jackie, 33, experienced hyperemesis – extreme morning sickness – during her second pregnancy. In a desperate bid to escape the constant nausea, insomnia and unbearable anxiety she made a shocking decision – she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. But her husband persuaded her and now, as baby Erin approaches her first birthday, Jackie can’t believe how close she came to abortion. We placed Jackie’s story in Real People magazine.

A ghost wrecked my relationship

Mary, 40, was tired of the constant arguments with her boyfriend Billy, but after seven years together she was afraid to leave the relationship. Then another force stepped in. Strange things happened whenever the pair argued and Mary realised it was a ghost who had come to protect her. So spooked by the ghostly goings-on, Billy left for good. Now Mary has found new love and has learned to love her ghostly guardian. Her story was placed in Chat magazine.

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