The UKs most shocking love story

The UKs most shocking love story

by -
Jack Falber

Sometimes we are approached by people who have taken the brave decision to speak out about a highly controversial issue. Our main role is to look after them, and ensure their best interests are protected throughout.

After a night out, Sarah, 24, was walked home by an ex colleague, Chris, 26, who pinned her against a wall and raped her. Chris was arrested and was awaiting trial when Sarah had a sudden change of heart and dropped the charges against him. Shockingly, the pair got talking – and fell in love. Chris proposed and next year, Sarah will marry her rapist.

We sold Sarah’s controversial story to That’s Life magazine.

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The day after she gave birth Anna, 22, was rushed to hospital in agony. Doctors found a flesh eating bug – in her womb. The killer bug was spreading at a rapid rate and surgeons were forced to remove Anna’s womb and ovaries, leaving her infertile. Anna became depressed and struggled to cope with the trauma, but therapy has helped her appreciate the family the bug didn’t destroy. We sold Anna’s story to Take A Break magazine.



Mummy, can I help you shoot up?

Lorraine, 40, tried to get her hubby clean after she found he was using heroin. Then she tried the drug – and became an addict herself. During her six-year ordeal, Lorraine used heroin in front of her daughter who even offered to help her inject when she struggled to find a vein. Desperate to be a better mum Lorraine ended her marriage and got help. She’s been clean for four years, and her daughter Roxy, now 18, has never been so proud.


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