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Last week, we told the heartbreaking story of baby Blake McMillan in several daily newspapers.

Blake, who will be one later this month, was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called MeCP2 duplication syndrome just three weeks after birth.

Blake McMillan

Blake’s parents, Jenny and Paul, were devastated to learn that their little boy’s illness will cause him to suffer serious seizures, which will probably begin around the age of five.

Heartbreakingly, this will mean he could lose the ability to walk, talk and even smile.

The family’s only hope lies with scientists who believe they may be able to develop a cure – if they can find £1.2 million to fund vital clinical trials.

Despite their own significant worry and uncertainty, this incredible couple has dedicated hours of their time to fundraising for research.  They took the brave step of sharing their story on the Mail Online as well as the Scottish editions of the Daily Mail and Daily Express and Scottish newspaper the Daily Record in a bid to boost interest for their campaign.

Within hours of the article being published, strangers were so touched by their plight that they were logging onto the family’s Just Giving page to pledge their support, raising over £2,000 for the research fund.

Jenny said: “The response has been fantastic. As well as the donations, I’ve had lots of people messaging me about organising fundraising events.”

The McMillan family

But far from stopping there, Jenny and Paul are now determined to raise even more than ever to give little Blake the best chance possible.

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