Promoting charities and health conditions

Promoting charities and health conditions

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Heather Findlay

We work with hundreds of charities a year, placing stories in the media to raise their profile. Do you know a charity that deserves a special mention? Or do you want to raise awareness of your own health condition?

We have an exclusive deal with five magazines to get your campaign heard. We can also guarantee full approval of the article, and a mention for a charity of your choice. If you want to take part get in touch today – use the form on the right.

We recently worked with Sasha Hall, who wanted to reduce the stigma attached to her daughter’s condition Russell-Silver syndrome. We placed her story in Chat magazine, and are proud to help educate the public about RSS and dwarfism.

Sasha always knew her daughter Briony was different, but it wasn’t until she was six that she was diagnosed with Russell-Silver syndrome. Now 11, Briony is half the size of her school friends and her tiny waist is the size of a 12-month-old baby’s. Despite facing discrimination, Sasha is proud of her inspirational daughter and can’t wait for her to start high school this September.

Also in the news this week

Lorna, 26, had had nine failed relationships and called off one engagement when she met Fraser, 32, at work last year. Despite the shocking discovery that he was a virgin, lived at home and had never even kissed a girl, she decided to give him a chance. He doted on her, and with no jealous exes to contend with or live up to, it was better than any previous relationship.

We placed their sweet love story in Love it! magazine.


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