Our premature baby’s inspirational photodiary

Our premature baby’s inspirational photodiary

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Sell My Story features editor Helen O'Brien

Premature baby photodiary


Heidi, 40, was terrified when she went into premature labour and delivered her son, Saxon, at just 26 weeks, weighing a tiny 1lb 12oz.

By Helen O’Brien Google

In November 2012, I discovered that I was expecting my third child. My husband Edmund and I were over the moon and couldn’t wait until August 2013, when our little boy was due. Then, suddenly in April, my waters broke while I was at my mum’s. My baby boy wasn’t due for another three months. I tried to keep calm as an ambulance rushed me to hospital, where Edmund met me. Just a few minutes later, I gave birth to Saxon – he weighed just 1lb 12oz and was the size of a slice of bread. Doctors whisked him away immediately – it was three hours before we were allowed to see him. All we could do was watch… and wait.

Over the following weeks and months, Edmund and I kept a bedside vigil at the hospital. Saxon suffered two bleeds on the brain, a lung infection, bowel disease and a blood infection amongst other things. He was in hospital for five months, and Ed took pictures of our baby almost every day. We wanted to make a storybook of Saxon’s survival – complete with photos. We even created an email address especially for Saxon, and emailed him updates for him to look at when he’s older. Some of the snaps were heartbreaking, but they were our way of coping. It helped us to believe that Saxon would make it – and thankfully, against all the odds, he did. We took him home in September, weighing 5lbs 7oz, and now he’s happy surrounded by his big brothers. I’ll never forget what a fighter my little boy has been – and thanks to our very special photo diary, neither will he.

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