I’ve spent £13,000 on spoiling my dogs

I’ve spent £13,000 on spoiling my dogs

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Pampered Chihuahua dogs in baby buggies
Barley and Molly in their matching buggies

Like any dog lover there’s nothing that barking mad Pamela loves more than spoiling her pets. But her obsession has come at a hefty price – £13,000.

By Helen O’Brien Google

I hovered my mouse over the designer frock. It was Burberry and I absolutely had to have it. I felt a rush as I clicked on the item and added it to the my online shopping basket.

But the £200 designer dress wasn’t for me… it was for my one-year-old Chihuahua, Molly.

She’s an absolute diva and just has to have the best.

We picked up Molly when she was a young pup.

Dog in designer pet outfit
Pamela’s pampered dog Molly

‘You are absolutely beautiful,’ I said, when I first laid eyes on her tiny face. ‘I just have to have you.’

A couple of months later I decided to add Barley, another Chihuahua to our family. I wanted Molly to have a little friend to grow up with.

I’ve always been mad about dogs and spoiled my pets but it wasn’t until I bought the little ones that I realised just how many pooch products there are.

We have an 11-year-old King Charles spaniel called Bramble but he’s just too big for most of the canine accessories out there.

My husband Robert, who I ran a photography company with, died four years ago leaving me an inheritance that I love to spend on the dogs.

Robert was an animal-lover so I know he’d approve of me splashing his cash on my pets.

I spend around £300 a week on them – though I have to confess it is sometimes more.

I’ve blown £3,000 on designer clothes for my four-legged friends. Molly likes one-of a kind custom-made dresses while Barley wears outfits by designers like Juicy Couture. They’re very stylish!

I feed my pampered pets £15 bags of special Chihuahua biscuits and also order tasty dog treats from boutique bakers, Pet London Bakery. Just the other day I shelled out £46 on tasty treats!

Their welfare is very important to me and while I can’t remember the last time I had a manicure or a massage, both Molly and Barley are treated to weekly pamper sessions at the grooming salon, which includes a massage and a hydro-bath.

The pampered pair also attend agility classes and have a garden full of toys to amuse themselves. They even have their own paddling pool with a slide and a dog see-saw.

Spoiled dogs pampered pets story
Pamela sold her story about her pampered pets to That’s Life magazine

I know it seems extravagant and I realise that some people will think I’m crazy for buying designer togs for my dogs, but I believe my beloved pets are worth every penny.

I’m quite happy to make do with second-hand clothes from charity shops or pick up cheapy outfits from Primark if it means that Barley and Molly don’t go without.

I can get by on just £20 a week if I really have to. It’s not a lot, but I’d rather spend all my money on the dogs because I can tell they love it!

My daughter Horatia, 19, doesn’t mind that the dogs are pampered – she loves spoiling them too. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

She absolutely adores them and doesn’t mind me spending her dad’s money on my dogs. In fact, she helps pick out lots of their items.

Barley and Molly are like my children.

They share a bedroom and each have their own dressing tables for their jewellery and doggie perfumes.

Molly, ever the fashionista, loves to wear pink nail varnish too!

They each have their own stroller for when they need to rest their paws, one in pink for Molly and one in blue for Barley.

They cost me £150 each but they are totally worth it.

When I’m out with them, taking them on walks, I make sure they wear their sunglasses, sun cream and protective visors on hot days.

Pampered dog outfits
A selection of the dogs’ outfits

I’d love to take them to the USA one day when they’re older so I can treat them to a posh five star dog hotel stay – but at the moment they’re too young for such a big trip. The flight would be too long for them.

In July, Molly celebrated her first birthday with a party alongside her agility class dog chums. I splashed out £1,000 on a cake, six new designer outfits and lots of new toys for her to play with.

A first birthday is a milestone and I wanted it to be a very special day for her – and it was!

Barley will turn one in October this year and no expense will be spared then. I don’t want him to miss out on any of the fun Molly had on her birthday.

I’ve blown £13,000 on them already, so now I’m planning to open my own doggy boutique so I can fund my obsession.

I can’t imagine a better job. We’re hoping to be up and running by the end of the year.

I already have lots of outfits and I know some of the best retailers to visit to pick out the best designs.

You don’t really get anything like that outside London so it would be great to be able to offer a service to people who can’t always make it down to the capital for a shopping spree.

Everyone should be able to treat their animals to the finest.

People spend lots of money on their kids so why can’t I indulge my dogs? At least they never talk back or give me any cheek!

There’s nothing wrong with spending your money on the ones you love and my dogs are my life.

I know it seems extravagant but my pets are worth every penny.

And soon I’ll be able to help others do what I love most everyday – spoil my pets!

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