I’ve given a stranger twins for Christmas!

I’ve given a stranger twins for Christmas!

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A mother is giving a stranger the gift of twins for Christmas – after donating her eggs.

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After having three children of her own, Lisa Kline, 35, selflessly decided to donate her eggs to help infertile couples to have children.

In 2013 she made her first donation. Although she is prevented from knowing the identity of couples who receive her eggs, she learned that her donation had resulted in a woman giving birth to a baby girl.

From that moment, Mrs Kline was hooked on the feel-good buzz which came from giving the gift of life.

Lisa and her daughters

Mrs Kline, of Cheshunt in Hertfordshire, soon donated again, giving a family a baby boy.

And she recently learned that this Christmas, she’s giving another lucky couple the best present ever – twins.

She said: “Apart from giving birth to my own children, helping a couple to have a child is the greatest thing I have done with my life.

“The buzz is incredible. I’ve helped to create a family. I can’t believe that a couple out there are expecting twins any day now.”

Mrs Kline, a secretary, started donating eggs after giving birth to her own children Liam, 14, Jodie, 10 and Lexi, 4.

She said: “I’ve been very lucky to never have had any problems while giving birth to my three children but some people really struggle to get pregnant. I thought to myself, ‘what a great feeling it would be to help give someone a child.’

“I am a bit of a giver in life myself, I have given blood for years.”

The mother-of-three had to undergo counselling, medical testing and daily injections to stimulate her ovaries. Her ovaries are extracted while she is sedated at her local clinic.

In October 2013 Mrs Kline received the good news that she had given a couple a baby girl.

Six months later after a second donation Mrs Kline was told she had helped a couple give birth to a little boy.

She said: “I decided early on that I would only donate three times – I have three children of my own so I think three is my lucky number.

“There is also a cut-off point in a year, I can’t donate after 36. It is a lot to put your body through.”

Earlier this month Mrs Kline was told that another couple is expecting twins this Christmas.

She said: “I can’t wait to hear that the twins have been born – it’s nice to know that the procedure has worked.

“I’m very proud to have helped a mother have a baby.”

The families who Mrs Kline has helped out do not know who she is and she does not know who they are.

The clinic will keep Mrs Kline’s records on file in case any of the children wish to track down their biological mother when they turn 18.

She said: “As far as I am concerned, the woman who gives birth to them and raises them is their mother and I never will be, even though they’re my eggs.

“But if the children want to track me down then I would love to meet them. I would be curious to see what they look like and they might want to thank me for helping their parents out.”

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