I lost seven stone to have a baby

I lost seven stone to have a baby

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Janette after weight loss


A woman desperate to be a mother has given birth to two baby boys after losing SEVEN stone so she could get pregnant.

Janette Pincott, 31, and her husband Justin Pincott, 38, wanted nothing more than to become parents but a disorder which prevented Mrs Pincott from having periods meant their hopes were dashed.

Desperate, the couple applied for IVF, only to be told that at 21 stone Mrs Pincott was too fat to undergo the treatment.

BEFORE: Janette at 21 stone

Mrs Pincott, of Croespenmaen, near Cardiff, shed more than seven stone and, against all the odds, conceived two miracle babies.

The yummy mummy is now a slim size 10.

She said: “I didn’t expect the weight loss to help me conceive naturally, but I kept taking pregnancy tests every month in the hope we would strike gold.

“I locked myself in the bathroom and hoped for the best. When I saw that the test was positive I nearly fell off the toilet – I took ten pregnancy tests to make sure.”

Mr and Mrs Pincott met each other on a night out in 2004. After a whirlwind eight month romance, the pair bought a house together and made the decision to start trying for children.

Unfortunately Mrs Pincott suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs.

Consequently Mrs Pincott has never had a period.

She said: “We spent five years trying, and it was just not happening. I was devastated.

“Every time I had to look at another failed pregnancy test I would cry – I was heartbroken. I wanted a child so badly, but I had no control over it.”

Anxious that her dreams of a large family would never be realised Mrs Pincott, who works in a call centre, turned to medics for help. But, at 21 stone, she was told she was too obese for the IVF to be effective.

She said: “When I came back from the doctors, I looked at a photograph of myself and decided I needed to go on a diet.

“I knew I was overweight but I never thought it would stand in the way of me getting pregnant.

“Doctors were telling me I was overweight but I didn’t realise how disgusting I looked until I saw a picture taken at a recent party.

“I thought ‘how on earth did I let myself get like that?’ I knew I had to do something immediately if I was to have a child.”

Mrs Pincott swapped greasy takeaways for fresh vegetables and soon started to lose weight.

AFTER: Janette lost seven stone

Before her life-changing transformation Mrs Pincott used to eat nothing for breakfast, cheesey chips and gravy from a chip shop for lunch and a large Dominoes pizza for dinner. She would snack on chocolate muffins and crisps throughout the day.

She now eats porridge for breakfast, a whole wheat pasta and quorn salad for lunch and a ham salad for dinner. Throughout the day Mrs Pincott snacks on fresh fruit.

The determined slimmer also took up running, taking part in regular five kilometre runs.

In 2011, after losing her first four stone, Mrs Pincott was shocked to discover that she had fallen pregnant without the help of IVF treatment.

She said: “Because I don’t have periods I have to take a pregnancy test every month. Until I had my first scan at 12 weeks I didn’t believe it.”

In February 2012 Mrs Pincott gave birth to her first son Charlie, now two.

Amazingly, six months later she fell pregnant again. Her son Zachary, now one, was born in April 2013.

Mrs Pincott says she thinks she was able to conceive her two sons thanks to shedding the pounds.

She said: “The second pregnancy was an even bigger shock than the first. We’d spent all that time trying but I couldn’t get pregnant – then when I lost the weight it happened naturally without the need for IVF at all.

“It’s a miracle. The doctors said that me losing weight probably helped me to conceive naturally, so I’m very proud of what I achieved.

“Your weight can have an effect on your fertility – I lost weight and I think it helped me get pregnant.

“I was eating unhealthy food and I was eating massive portions – once I had my diet under control the weight fell off.”

Mrs Pincott, who now weighs 13st 5lbs, plans to take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon this year.

AFTER: Janette lost seven stone to have her son, Charlie

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