I lost 9 stone – inspired by my fat photo

I lost 9 stone – inspired by my fat photo

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Sell My Story features editor Helen O'Brien


Nicola McKay weight loss

Tipping the scales at a massive 20st 5lbs, Nicola, 22, was in denial about her size, despite becoming breathless after walking a few steps. Her turning point only came when she saw a pic of herself at a kid’s birthday party and realised the brutal truth of how big she’d become…  

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As I walked through the door, I huffed and puffed my way straight to the kitchen.

Just the few steps from the taxi to my front door made me breathless.

Flinging my bag on the floor, I grabbed the phone and ordered a pizza. I deserved a treat – I’d only had a packet of crisps for lunch.

Later, I slumped on the sofa with my takeaway treat and flicked through Facebook.

When I noticed my friend Lynsey had tagged me in a photo taken at her daughter’s birthday party, I clicked into the picture… and dropped my slice of pizza in horror.

My jaw fell open as I scanned the image looking back at me. I barely recognised myself.

Weight loss before photo
BEFORE: Nicola lost 9 stone

I was a huge, fat blob, easily double the size of an average person.

Mortified, I quickly untagged myself from the photograph and burst into tears.

I’d always known I was big, but I thought I could hide beneath baggy clothes. But there was the brutal truth staring back at me.

It was time for a change.

Once I made a decision to fight the flab, I became determined to transform my body.

I joined a local slimming group in October 2011 and although I was horrified as the needle hovered over 20st 5lbs at my first weigh-in, I was motivated to shape up.

I cut out the junk food and takeaways and when I lost 7lbs in my first week I was determined to stick at it.

I joined the gym and now, just over two years on, I weigh 11 stone and am a svelte size 10.

My boyfriend, John, has stuck by me through thick and thin – literally!

He loves my newfound confidence and I’ve never been happier.

I cringe every time I see that horrendous ‘fat blob’ photo but now I’m glad I saw it – it was the wake up call I needed to get my perfect body.

Diet success photo
BEFORE AND AFTER: Nicola lost over 9 stone

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