How to get multiple magazine deals

How to get multiple magazine deals

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Heather Findlay

These days you don’t have to be Chantelle Houghton or Kerry Katona to be offered a lucrative, multi-deal publishing contract. At Sell My Story we specialise in helping you get the most out of your time in the media.

Whether you’ve got a charity or a business to promote, or an important issue you want to raise awareness of, we can get your campaign in as many publications as possible – for the highest fee!

Being in the spotlight is not for everyone. Some people choose one magazine to get their message across, but more and more people are choosing our multi-deal service for their causes.

Not only are we the biggest features agency in the country, but at 10-years-old, we have also been around the longest. Because of this, we are regularly approached by individuals who want maximum media coverage.

Contact us today for a informal, confidential chat. We’ll develop a personalised, highly-effective media campaign – and we won’t charge you a penny. Our fees are covered by the media.

If you want to sell your story to a range of outlets include women’s magazines, national newspapers, TV and radio, we can help.


Emma, 32, found herself downing vodka every day to boost her confidence, even before her children’s parents evenings. Her husband James, 34, eventually left her as she became more and more abusive – pushing and even biting him during drunken rages. She moved into a refuge and hit rock bottom. Now, she has reunited with James – who has helped her stay sober for seven months.

 We secured Emma and James deals with The Sun newspaper, Bella magazine and Real People magazine, and they have also been offered a TV deal with a national broadcasting company. They were delighted with their coverage, which highlighted an all-too-often taboo subject: male domestic violence.


Through our work with the Birthmark Support Group charity, Medavia was put in touch with Zara Green whose baby girl, Connie, was born with a pink mark on the tip of her button nose.

We sold and wrote Connie’s heartwarming story in a magazine two years ago, and since then, little Connie went on to have pioneering facial reconstruction surgery. Connie is now a bright and bubbly two year old with just a tiny scar on her nose. The pictures of her transformation touched the hearts of the nation, and the world, after Medavia sold her story around the globe.

We’ve handled interest from all the UK national newspapers, women’s magazines, countless titles around the world and TV shows from London to New York. The family is delighted to have raised awareness of this rare condition and that all the coverage, controlled by Medavia, has been sensitive and accurate. To date: Zara and Connie have appeared in Pick Me up, Reveal, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and on Daybreak.