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Tom Knight at Sell My Story

This week at Sell My Story has been exceptionally busy. We’ve been writing stories and negotiating deals like never before, and the phones have been red hot with inquiries  We’re exhausted but it’s all been worth it – totting up our sales for the week we’ve made an astonishing £10,000 for our clients just since Monday! Now that’s definitely worth celebrating.

Not everyone wants to sell a story for the money, but regardless we’ll always make sure we negotiate the best possible fee. It can be nice to have a bit of bonus cash to put towards a family holiday or for a special treat for the kids. Some clients want the money for a personal charity or cause – and that’s something we support whole-heartedly too.

By coming to Sell My Story, instead of going direct to a magazine, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best deal for your story. We negotiate with all of the magazine and newspaper editors to push them towards the highest possible price. This can mean they’ll pay out more than they would if you sent them your story yourself.

Another way we can maximise your fee is to arrange multiple deals, if of course you’re happy for us to do so. We’ve got a great list of contacts – including magazine editors, newspaper editors, and television researchers – and will give each and every one the chance to buy your story. It’s entirely possible to sell your story to more than one magazine AND a newspaper AND a television show like Daybreak or This Morning. Every time you sign a contract to agree to your story being used, you’ll get paid again.

So whether you’re saving up for something special or could really use the extra cash for general household expenses, come to us with your story and we’ll tell you what it’s worth. Some stories can earn you up to £2,000 – there’s a list of price guidelines here.  Give us a call today on 0117 9076934.

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