Heartbreak diet! I lost 9 stone with a gastric band

Heartbreak diet! I lost 9 stone with a gastric band

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Sell My Story features editor Helen O'Brien


121lb weight loss with gastric surgery


When Karla, 25, found mysterious sexy texts on her boyfriend’s phone, she had no idea it would lead her to her dream body…

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It was 9pm and I was hungry again. I reached for the Chinese takeaway menu and scrolled through the tasty dishes on offer.

Lemon chicken, I decided, as I picked up the phone and dialled the restaurant. I’d had my dinner hours earlier but a takeaway treat before bedtime was too hard to resist.

My eating had spiralled out of control. My sexy mechanic boyfriend Liam, 26, had gone missing again after a night out and I’d got into the habit of replacing his cuddles with junk food.

I’d find sanctuary in food, devouring five packets of crisps a day.

I’d always been curvy, but our tempestuous relationship was taking its toll on my confidence.

It hadn’t always been that way. As a bigger girl, I’d thanked my lucky stars when Liam walked into my life.

We met at college and soon he was making excuses to pop in to see me at the local store where I worked.

When I saw him I’d get butterflies. Does he really fancy me?

He eventually asked me out and we began dating – I felt like we were made for each other.

However, two years later things started to sour.

He’d also disappear for days on end after partying with his friends.

Rumours circulated that he was cheating and my pals would text to warn me that they had seen him with other girls.

‘You know I wouldn’t do that to you,’ he would reply to my accusations.

‘It’s you I love. You can’t have a go at me every time I go out with the lads.’

I had to believe him. With my self esteem at an all-time low, I didn’t feel strong enough to walk away from him.

Before having a gastric sleeve to lose 121lbs
BEFORE: Karla before gastric surgery

That was until three years into our relationship when Liam went out one night but forgot to take his mobile phone with him.

I wonder if my friends are right…

I grabbed his phone and quickly began scrolling through his messages. What I saw shocked me to the core.

‘You should come over in your mechanic gear,’ one steamy text read.

‘We can get dirty together,’ read another. His inbox was full of them.

My eyes pooled with tears. I felt like someone had drop-kicked me in the stomach – I wretched.

But I was ready for him when he returned.

‘How can you lie to me now?’ I screamed, thrusting the phone in his face.

‘I have the evidence right here!’

But Liam continued to deny it. ‘It’s just some weirdo,’ he insisted.

‘She’s obsessed with me. I promise you nothing happened!’

I kicked him out that night but with my confidence shredded and my guard down I gradually let him creep back into my life.

But after that, I couldn’t deny it any longer.

The trust had broken completely and devastated but determined I finally found the courage to ditch my love rat.

But by then years of overeating had made its mark.

I tipped the scales at 18st 4lbs and tried to hide my flabby frame under baggy tops and roomy trousers. I wouldn’t even go near a dress.

I tried countless diets but I struggled to shift those stubborn pounds.

I convinced myself I was happy with my weight and hid my sadness behind a smile, but deep down I felt hopeless.

That was until 2012 when I started researching weight loss surgery and with the support of my lovely dad Colin, 53, I decided to make the life-changing decision to have a gastric sleeve fitted.

‘You should go for it,’ Dad encouraged. ‘You’ve been through so much. This could be the drastic change you need to pick yourself up.’

Karla lost 120lb with a gastric band
AFTER: Karla lost 8st 6lbs with gastric surgery

It all happened very quickly – I had the consultation in December and then went under the knife in January last year.

It cost £10,000 but it was worth every penny.

The weight dropped off and within months I was turning heads in the street – for all the right reasons!

Since then, I’ve flaunted my new fat-free figure in nothing but fancy swimwear in front of strangers at the Miss Edinburgh beauty pageant.

I’ve lost 8 st 6lbs, and I now wear size 10 dresses!

I’ve never been happier. When I look back at how big and unhappy I was, I don’t recognise myself.

I’ve ditched my love cheat and half my body weight. I’m a new me!

Liam, 26, said: “ I’m happy in life now and don’t want to be reminded of my previous life.”

Losing over 100lbs with a gastric band
BEFORE AND AFTER: Karla lost 8st 6lbs thanks to gastric surgery

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