Earn Cash in Time For CHRISTMAS

Earn Cash in Time For CHRISTMAS

by -
Heather Findlay

I know you are all probably still thinking about your summer hols but the UK’s magazines are already planning their Christmas specials!

We’ve recently launched our Christmas website, www.sellmystory.co.uk/christmas, which has several opportunities to help you earn some extra cash.

But we also need your Christmas stories.

Right now, every mag is looking for an UNUSUAL, SHOCKING, DRAMATIC, INSPIRING, or HEART WARMING CHRISTMAS STORY for the FRONT COVER of its Christmas special edition.

Basically we need a strong story with a few twists and turns and above all a Christmassy angle – if it is a shocking story which happened at Christmas that will be enough!

For a front cover story you are likely to get between £1000 – £3000….and for anything else from a short to a double page spread you are likely to get between £300 and £1500.

To give you some ideas: –

Christmas dinner saved my life – about a girl who suffered with anorexia and spent her Christmases in hospital. After being told she would die if she continued the way she was going she decided to change her diet and was determined to get well enough to enjoy her first Christmas dinner with her family instead of elderly hospital patients!

Christmas baby – about a woman who didn’t realise she was pregnant until she gave birth – to everyone’s surprise – on Christmas Day!

Shocking crime – any shocking/ tragic crime story which happened to you or someone close to you around the holiday period

Unusual Christmas weddings

Christmas relationship stories – did you catch your partner cheating at Christmas? Did you find love in an unusual or unlikely way?

Family reunion – were you reunited with your long lost mum/ sister/ daughter at Christmas?

Christmas surgery – did you get a tummy tuck/ boob job/ extreme surgery for Christmas? Did you do it as a surprise for your partner?

Health – Do you or your children/ partner suffer with a heart condition which makes Christmas a deadly time of year? Perhaps you have a shocking weight loss/ weight gain story?

Raunchy Christmas – Did something happen at Christmas which reignited your love life? Perhaps he dressed up as Santa? The more unusual the more interest and the higher your fee will be

Christmas present saved my life/ nearly killed me

Christmas party disasters/ embarrassing moments/ love stories

Email contact@medavia.co.uk to apply or get in touch using the form on the right.