March 27, 2015



Today at Sell My Story we’ve been really proud to see Joanne’s moving story in print. When she prematurely gave birth to her son Zak in 2005 doctors made a shocking discovery. He had a severe cleft palate, causing a significant disfigurement to his face. But while he was battling for his life in intensive care, Joanne’s initial shock soon gave way to utter horror. Doctors suggested he’d be better off dying as his facial problems were so severe! She refused to give up on her son and now, 8 operations later, he’s a happy healthy little boy. Zak, 6, has started school and he is proud of the looks that make him special, not ugly. She told her story to Pick Me Up magazine – to read the full article click on the image below.

If you’ve got an inspirational story to share about your son or daughter, we’d love to hear it. The media isn’t all about bad news! Get in touch with us today using the contact form on the right, and we’ll give you a call for a chat about your idea. 


By Helen O’Brien Google

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By Helen O'Brien Google