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Danielle Hoffman


Some topics will always be popular in the press. Every day you can open up a newspaper and see shocking high profile crimes, political scandals and celebrity snapshots. But the stories never fail to get us talking are those with that elusive sought-after wow factor. It could be a photograph of something strange, an unheard of sequence of events, or a tale about a unique individual. We’ve selected our favourite stories from the week that, although a bit strange, seem to have something special about them. Enjoy!


1. Bunnies showcase their bouncibility 








If a day out at the races isn’t really your thing, maybe these cute competitors would change your mind. Every year enthusiasts gather for the annual rabbit show jumping championships, to see fluffy bunnies hopping their way around a challenging course. As captured by the Mirror newspaper, this year the contest took place in Germany. The bob-tailed competitors took part in four different rounds of barricades, jumps and rails, as well as long-jump and high-jump events. The wacky sport really captured our imagination, so we’ll be watching out for tickets for next year!


2. Monkeying around sparks zoo panic








Being based just down the road from Bristol Zoo, this Daily Mail article from Hanover definitely caught our attention in the Sell My Story office. The city’s animal park was speedily evacuated this week when five clever chimpanzees broke out of their compound. In a story reminiscent of the family film Madagascar, the chimps made their own ladder out of tree branches so they could taste life on the other side. But their plan was thwarted when zoo staff were alerted and 27 police cars raced to the scene to round up the potentially dangerous animals. Phew!


3. Twins separated at birth… by a country border








The Metro reported this week on the truly unusual story of how twins Dylan Joseph and Hannah Rose Fox were brought  into the world. Most twins are born just minutes apart, but these two were separated by a country border. Proud mum Donna went into labour four weeks early at home in Northumberland, and paramedics had no choice but to deliver little Dylan there and then. But they pulled out all the stops to get her to hospital before Hannah arrived too. The nearest maternity unit just happened to be over the border in Scotland. Making light of their unique circumstances, dad Joe said: “‘I joked to Donna that she should hold on as long as possible but I only mentioned it once and don’t think it went down too well.”


4. They don’t make them like that any more!








Sometimes the simplest things can make a great news story, and to prove that point this week saw the humble light bulb hit the Daily Mail headlines. But this bulb is more special than most, still shining brightly over 100 years after it was made. Owner Roger Dyball, who at 74 is more than 25 years younger than the bulb, has never had to change his porch light in the 45 years he’s been at his Suffolk home. He checked out its history with the manufacturer, who used the serial number to confirm it dated back to July 1912. But the country’s oldest working bulb surfaced in September 2008 when it was a magnificent 113 years old.


5. Angry man shows the true meaning of saucy








We thought we were the only ones getting bored of the hype around new “mummy-porn” novel 50 Shades of Grey, until the Sun put a new spin on the situation. Raymond Hodgson, 31, has been convicted of assault after getting cross with his girlfriend for reading the racy book. Foolishly, he decided to show Emma McCormick the true meaning of saucy by confronting her at her door with a bottle of HP sauce. He squirted her from head to toe with the goo, and has been ordered to pay his now ex-girlfriend £100 compensation. He admits: “It was a silly thing to do, but I still think the book is pornographic.”


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