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Danielle Hoffman


As wedding season draws to a close, we’re expecting an influx of weird and wonderful marriage stories landing on our desks. Themed ceremonies, unusual proposals, romance against the odds and wacky honeymoons are the perfect starting point for getting a deal with a top glossy magazine. With great photos documenting the occasion, you could see your wedding get the celeb treatment with a beautiful spread all about your big day. So this week we’ve picked out five of our favourite wedding stories to share with you. Maybe they’ll inspire you to do something a little bit different if you’re planning your own wedding – and don’t forget to tell us all about it!


1. Siblings say “I do” five times







Five Mormon siblings from America decided to co-ordinate their wedding plans to give their family something to really celebrate. In five consecutive ceremonies Emily, Sydney, Walker, Bradford and Brooke, aged between 20 and 28, said their vows, then threw a joint reception so large it had to be held in an aeroplane hangar. The siblings’ mother Kristen even made four of the five wedding cakes and most of the food for the 1,200 guests. The couples are already planning a joint trip to mark their first wedding anniversary next year. Their story was featured by the Daily Mail.


2. The world’s first jet pack wedding!








This week in California, wedding guests were amazed when the bride and groom flew into their ceremony with jet packs. In what the Sun reports to be a world first, Grant Engler and Amanda Volf landed on the beach, said their vows, then took to the air again for their first dance. Amanda explained: “Grant and I are kind of outdoorsy, adventurous-type people. As you can imagine, to do something like this you’d have to be.”


3. Usain Bolt: Gold medalist and wedding crasher?








Sprinter Usain Bolt popped in to a Manchester hotel to give a couple some wedding snaps they’ll never forget. The Jamaican Gold medalist was staying in the hotel when he spotted the newlyweds posing in the lobby. He joined them for a few photos before dashing off to meet Sir Alex Ferguson. The moment was captured on the AOL website.


4. Newlyweds on top of the world, literally







When adventurous Bob Ewing proposed to his new wife Antonie on top of a rocky landmark in West Virginia, the couple knew they’d found somewhere special. So much so that they decided to return to the rock to exchange their vows, 900ft in the air. Their dramatic wedding photographs have been shared online worldwide, including on the Metro website. Antoine said: “We didn’t have a lot of space. It’s a small mountain top.”


5. Stag celebrates with mountain-top feast







A Scot’s stag-do hit the headlines this week – but not for raunchy antics or out of hand fun.  Bob Gray, 27, and his stag party enjoyed a slap up meal of roast ham, cranachan and raspberries, and port after lugging a table and chairs up a 1,700ft peak. The dramatic photographs were uploaded online and have been shared worldwide via Twitter. Bob said he thought he was being mugged when his balaclava-clad pals bundled him into a van. He told the Scottish Sun: “I had no idea what they had planned. I thought I was going mountain biking and was waiting to get picked up when five guys with masks on attacked me.”


Have you been to a wedding with a twist? Or are you planning something unexpected for your own big day? To share your wedding story with the national media contact us today using the form on the right.