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At Sell My Story we’re always thinking of our rumbling stomachs. We’ll seize any excuse to pop down the shop for some biscuits (chocolate Hob Nobs are a current favourite) and we always celebrate the arrival of Friday with a home-baked cake feast. But on the odd occasion that we’re watching our waistlines, we indulge our passion for the tastier things in life by reading about sweet and savoury concoctions instead. This week we’ve picked out some of our favourite food stories for you to enjoy. Just make sure you’ve got a nice cuppa and a cream cake too!


1. Girl drinks double cream, just to stay alive








Amy Paterson, 9, has a diet that most of us would envy. Far from having to cut down on fatty treats, she has to indulge on a daily basis just to stay alive. As reported by the Daily Mail, Amy has a genetic condition that means her brain doesn’t receive enough nutrients from a regular balanced diet. She has to make sure she consumes three times more fat than her friends, cramming in the calories by sipping on double cream and adding extra olive oil to her meals. Yum.


2. Balti fans dream – free curry for life








A Nottinghamshire couple have been rewarded for their loyalty to their favourite curry house, with free meals for life. Bob and Margaret Allen were the very first customers at the Khyber Tandoori when it opened in 1984, according to the Sun. They enjoyed their meal so much that they’ve returned three times a week ever since. They reckon they have munched through an amazing 4,000 curries and 2,000 popadoms and naan breads each — spending more than £20,000 in the process. But now they’ll never have to pay another penny. We’re very jealous.


3. Test your taste buds with crazy ice-cream concoctions








If traditional vanilla or plain chocolate ice-cream doesn’t take your fancy this summer, how about grilled sweetcorn sorbet in a cone? Or perhaps cigar smoked caramel is more to your liking? Sounds weird, but according to the Daily Mail weird and wonderful ice-creams are the future. London ice-cream firm Chin Chin Labs is leading the way with experimental recipes, and it’s booming customer base proves people are prepared to sample something a bit different. The Wimbledon special with grass, strawberry and hay might be taking it a bit too far though.


4. Sacked, for a slice of apple pie








When Little Chef waitress Lynn Smith failed to finish her apple pie for lunch, she popped it it a box to take it home for tea. But although she was allowed to eat from the restaurant’s menu for her meal, she was banned from keeping her leftovers. She was sacked, with accusations that she also gave a customer a free burger. The Sun reports that this week she finally lost her claim for unfair dismissal. Lynn commented: “I can’t believe a few mouthfuls of apple pie cost my job.” We hope it was tasty!


5. Cute cupcakes for pet pooches








A Manchester cake-maker has spotted a gap in the market for bakery lovers wanting to spoil their pets. Laura Draper has devised “pupcakes” – a healthy doggy alternative to a buttercream-swirled cupcake. Take off the dog biscuit topping and the treats are even suitable for pet owners to nibble too, although Laura admits they may taste a bit bland. Appearing in the Daily Mail newspaper with chief taster Sydney, she said she has even more plans for pets in the pipeline. She said: “They’re a bit of a treat and a bit of fun, and are creating a bit of a stir.”


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