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Danielle Hoffman


True beauty means different things to different people, but there’s no denying that what you look like is increasingly important. At Sell My Story we’ve certainly tried our fair share of celebrity diets, bonkers salon treatments, and weird fashion trends in a bid to look slimmer, healthier and altogether more attractive. We’ve selected our favourite extreme beauty stories from this week’s papers, and we’d love to hear your stories too.


1. Beauty pageant boot camp… for kids!








Kids’ beauty pageants have been big business in America for years, but it seems the craze is creeping to the UK. As captured in photos by the Sun newspaper, girls and boys aged 21-months to 12 years old clamoured to attend the  Pre-teen Pageant Training Academy in Colchester. The pupils’ fame-hungry parents shelled out £150 for six lessons and a graduation ceremony. The kids were given tips on how to dress for the pageant catwalk, shown to apply fake-tan, encouraged to try out the most eye-catching poses, and even taught how to get out of a car wearing a party dress without flashing their pants.


2. Bearded ladies steal the show








Not every US beauty trend has hit our shores yet, but in this case that might be a good thing! Last weekend saw the popular annual Los Angeles Beard Championships return. But this year the fuzzy faced men were joined on the stage by the fairer sex. As the Daily Mail reported, women were encouraged to make their own themed creations in the new ‘whiskerinas’ section. The ladies coiffed their faux facial hair into colourful designs, varying from a Union Jack curly style to a flowing ginger beard with bows. Good work ladies – it was all for charity – but we prefer your faces fuzz free!


3. Spoiled teens’ Promzilla demands








Gone are the days of celebrating the end of school with a disco in the cleared out canteen. These days teens are turning to Hollywood for prom inspiration – with parents picking up the hefty beauty bill. As the Daily Mail revealed, £500 prom dresses, professional hair stylists and salon eyelash extensions are now the norm. Jade Boswell, 16, from Wigan, told the paper she’ll definitely be making use of her own fake tan booth, bought by her mum for Christmas, in the run up to the big day. “I’ve been dreaming about a big pink Barbie dress since I saw Katie Price’s wedding when I was eight,” she added.


4. The making of a living goddess








Tacky nail extensions and bum-skimming skirts are shunned in Nepal, in favour of a more refined style of beauty. As told in the Guardian newspaper, Kumari Samita Bajracharya, 10, is admired in her country as a living goddess. A Kumari is a young prepubescent girl, considered by devotees to be incarnations of the Hindu goddess of power, Kali. Ahead of an appearance at a religious festival, she was painted with striking red, yellow and black make up, her feet were decorated, and she was adorned with ornate jewellery.


5. Droopy belly instead of dream body








This week 32-year-old Stephen Hodson gave the nation a lesson in what happens when beauty goes wrong. Feeling down about his 30-stone bulky body, Stephen turned to a 1,200 calorie crash diet to slim down in a bid to find love. He confessed to the Mirror: “I’m a virgin. Women have never been interested in me.” But despite losing over 16-stone,  Stephen has still not managed to bag a date. Instead of the trim, toned physique he dreamt of, Stephen has been left with ugly and painful folds of excess skin on his stomach and arms. He’s set to go under the knife in August. “I just can’t wait to start dating. I just hope women find me attractive,” he added.


Have you got an extreme beauty obsession? Or maybe you were scarred for life when a salon treatment went wrong? Are you a mum who scrimps on your own needs to indulge your daughter’s beauty pageant dreams? Are you addicted to plastic surgery? Contact us today to sell your story to the national press, using the contact form on the right.