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Here in the Sell My Story office we’re already loving the Olympics. And it’s definitely not only down to the gold medal-shaped choccies we found on our desks this morning – thanks boss! We’ve waved as the torch passed through Bristol, Googled for spoilers of tonight’s eagerly awaited opening ceremony and re-erected our leftover Jubilee flags. It’s another reason to be proud of being British. But before the sports start and our attentions turn to all the shiny gold medals that our sportsmen and women will be winning (fingers crossed!), we’ve picked out our five favourite Olympics stories from this week.


1. Meet all 541 of our medal hopefuls

Who would have known we have so many world-class athletes from Great Britain? A Daily Mail photographer painstakingly stitched together this impressive group photograph from individual portraits of each of our 541 competitors. The paper’s chief sports photographer Andy Hooper spent six weeks taking the shots of the sportsmen and women as the arrived to be kitted up. We think the resulting image will be a fab memento of the occasion.


2. Ready… steady… squeal!








Now for some athletes that you won’t see vaulting over poles or cycling round the velodrome. An art company has imagined what the event would look like with fluffy guinea pigs taking to the track instead. As reported by the Mirror, a 2013 calendar has been produced with 12 cute computer generated images showing pets taking on the hurdles and riding horseback around the arena. The pictures definitely gave us a giggle.


3. Seeing the sports in style







We got serious rich people envy when the Daily Mail printed pictures showing how the wealthy will be enjoying the Olympics. Forget paying extortionate fees for a grubby hotel 50 miles away from the action – why not just cruise into town on your super yacht?  Among those captured drifting up the Thames were the £130m 414ft boat belonging to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and the £80m model owned by Frank Lowy, the man behind the Westfield shopping centres. We’ll be ready by the next time London hosts the event – we’re going to start saving today!


4. Save shed loads with this budget bed








If your accommodation budget is more modest, grandmother Tricia Jones, of Leytonstone in East London, can offer a solution. She’s renting out her garden shed as a room for the night, and has even decked it out to fit the sporty theme. For just £40 a night guests have a prime spot two miles away from the main stadium. She told the Sun: “I didn’t have any rooms spare to let out, but I heard that people were camping in gardens and I got a bit carried away with my Olympic shed.”


5. Supermum’s Olympic dreams








Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi puts us couch potatoes to shame. When she takes aim in the 10-metre air rifle event she will be eight months pregnant. Pregnant women have competed in the games before, but Nur Suryani will be the closest to giving birth. She also has the added honour of being the first woman to ever represent her country in a shooting event. She told the Telegraph: “Most people said I was crazy and selfish because they think I am jeopardising my baby’s health. I am the mother. I know what I can do.” We wish her luck!


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