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Danielle Hoffman


This week we’ve been baffled, amazed, and amused by some great invention stories hitting the headlines. UK newspapers have been keeping an eye on what product designers all over the world are creating, with some ideas definitely better than others. Have a look at our favourites below – they’re guaranteed to make you smile.


1. Branching out with Buddha 







When we first saw this story we double-checked the Daily Mail wasn’t pulling a late April Fools. But it’s true! Who’d chose a regular shaped fruit snack when you can have something much more exciting? Fruit growers in China have devised a way to grow pears into the form of Buddha using individual moulds attached to the trees. Despite a hefty £5 price tag they’ve been snapped up by locals, and now there are plans to start exporting them for the UK market.


2. Rebranding rats with wings







Two artists in Venice have found a novel way to boost the bad reputation of the city’s scavenging pigeons. According to the Huffington Post, Julian Charrière and  Julius von Bismark have been catching flocks in the famous St Mark’s Square to dab their wings with colourful paint. The duo insist their method is cruelty-free, and will in fact mean the birds are better regarded by visitors to the Italian landmark. It’s definitely an improvement!


3. Reinventing the wheel (almost)








German designers have gone back to the drawing board with the humble bicycle, to come up with something much more exciting for commuters. The bike as we know it is gone – riders are strapped to the frame then use their legs to glide along instead of pedals. As pictures circulated by the Daily Mail show, there’s no saddle either. The Fliz has been entered into the James Dyson Award, established by the vacuum cleaner inventor, with a £10,000 prize at stake. It’s definitely got our vote, we love it!


4. Chilling ‘ice scream’ lollies








Over in Russia a design firm has taken inspiration from horror films to create a new range of ice cream lollies. They’ve picked the most terrifying characters from the 1980s and stuck their heads on a stick, according to the Mirror. For example, evil doll Chucky comes in a sweet apple carrot puree flavour, and the disfigured face of Nightmare On Elm Street serial killer Freddy Kruegar comes in tomato hot pepper. They’re not on sale yet, but watch this space.


5. Mars bars ‘deep-fry’ boast








And finally, the future of the world-famous Scottish-invented battered Mars bar appeared to be under threat this week. Food industry giants Mars formally distanced itself from the artery-clogging treat because… it didn’t fit with the snack’s message of “promoting a healthy, active lifestyle”. Lorraine Watson, who says she invented the delicacy at her Aberdeenshire fish and chip shop, was sent a letter by the company asking her to make it clear that the recipe is in no way endorsed by Mars. Lorraine told the Scottish Sun she will carry on selling the sickly creation, but will put a disclaimer on the menu. She said: “We’ve been selling this for 20 years and it’s the first time we have heard from Mars.”


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