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Danielle Hoffman


It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, in case you forgot! So this week we’ve been looking out for news stories about special dads. Many men would argue they deserve to be honoured with a fry-up in bed and full control of the TV remote every weekend, but we found some fathers who really are worthy of a treat.


1. Terri’s hero… her devoted dad Paul








Terri Calvesbert suffered 90% burns in a horrific fire at her home when she was just 23 months old. Doctors feared she wouldn’t survive, but she bravely battled through. Thirteen years on the Mirror newspaper has caught up with Terri to see how she’s doing. Her father Paul, 38, has cared tirelessly for his daughter since her mother left the family. He said: “Terri is an amazing character, I’m proud of her every day. I look at her now and I can’t quite believe how well my little girl has done.”


2. The father daughter blog that sparked a media storm








When 9-year-old Martha Payne, from Argyll, wanted to document her often dire school dinners, she had the full backing of her dad Dave. He helped her to share her daily lunch photos and ratings with millions of readers around the world online. Sadly, this week the BBC reported her site is being shut down after pressure from the local council.  But the family’s efforts have not been in vain – over £10,000 (and rising) has been donated by readers for Martha’s charity of choice Mary’s Meals. The money will help to feed school children in some of the world’s poorest places.


3. Surprise! Dad’s homecoming caught on camera








The Daily Mail shared this heart-warming clip of an American dad surprising his children at a baseball game. Staff Sergeant Rik Zortman had not seen his kids for ten weeks – he was away training with the Iowa Air National Guard. But when his course finished early he snuck into the match and caught the first ball, which his son had the honour of throwing. A camera crew was on hand to capture the family’s emotional reunion. Ahhhhh.


4. Dad in dramatic fireball rescue








Callum Cannon, 23, was caught in a real-life superhero rescue when his partner’s car caught fire. As the Daily Mail reports, the couple pulled over when smoke began pluming into the vehicle. There was a frantic dash to open the doors, which had locked. But the pair still had to save their 8-month-old daughter, who was strapped into the back seat. Little Jessica was pulled through the window just moments before the car was engulfed in flames. What a lucky escape.


5. And finally… how not to be a fab dad








Prime Minister David Cameron gave the nation an embarrassing parenting lesson this week, when it was revealed that he had left his daughter behind in the pub. The blunder was reported around the world, including in the Metro. After Sunday drinks, David had got into one car while his wife Nancy got into another with two of their children. Both assumed Nancy, 8, was with the other. The PM raced back to the pub when he realised one of his brood was missing, safely collecting her 15 minutes later. Although inexcusable, he has got quite a lot on his mind!


Is your bond with your dad particularly special? Maybe he’s saved your life or been your rock through tough times? Or maybe your relationship with your dad has broken down completely? Magazines love father daughter stories – good and bad – so get in touch to sell your story via our contact form on the right.