Dani’s review: This week’s top five animal stories

Dani’s review: This week’s top five animal stories

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Danielle Hoffman


Everyone loves to see a pet doing something daft or an wild animal making a fool of itself, and at Sell My Story we’re definitely no exception. So whenever we spot a story that causes us to chuckle and coo we like to share it around. These are our five favourite animal stories from this week.


1. World’s smallest cowboy and his mini pony








The Daily Mail carried the cute story of little Royce Gill in Australia, who loves competing at the rodeo. He’s only two, but already he’s joined the 7th generation of riders in his family. His equally cute steed is a stumpy-legged miniature pony named Maybelline.


2. Fox gets wedged between the walls








Over at the Mirror newspaper journalists captured the drama when a male fox cub became wedged between two walls in a Hampshire garage. After an uncomfortable 36 hours, experts were called in to rescue him. A specialist spent two hours removing bricks from the wall before freeing the cub. He was checked, and released. Ahhhhh.


3. Fat hedgehog forced to diet








The Metro newspaper named and shamed Roly Poly – the hedgehog too fat to roll into a ball. Not so long ago Roly was too underweight to survive hibernation. He was taken in by a concerned couple and gorged on cat food, ballooning to 2kg. But now he’s on a strict diet at a sanctuary in Somerset, with the aim of tipping just 600g on the scales.


4. YouTube hamster plays dead








The Daily Mail spotted the unique talents of a fluffy hamster on YouTube. The creature, whose name is not known, has honed his acting skills to very convincingly play dead. The video shows its owner pretending to shoot the animal, and as he shouts bang his pet falls backwards as if he’s been struck. Now more than 2.6million people have laughed at the clip.


5. Monkeys love the Diamond Jubilee too








As Diamond Jubilee excitement sweeps the nation it seems to have spread to the animal kingdom too, according to the Guardian. Monkeys at the Longleat safari park in Wiltshire were treated to a royal knees up, but with manners to make the Queen blush. Cakes were devoured, fruit was scattered, and furniture was destroyed. Sounds like a party!


Quirky, cute and funny pet stories are always popular with the media, and we can help you to share yours. If you want to sell your story read our handy guide here.