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Donna Smiley


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Sell My Story? It’s not all reading magazines, drinking tea, and social networking! Here our intern Donna Smiley reveals all…

Meet the Sell My Story team – your link to the national press


For a Sell My Story consultant, no two days are ever the same. When we arrive in the morning we never know what to expect. It really is surprising how many ordinary people have a real-life story to tell.

We start with an early press conference, to discuss potential features and ideas from national and local newspapers. We also make quick contact with people who are — or who are about to be — in the press, often because of traumatic or difficult circumstances.

After the press conference we look at messages we’ve received overnight, and call clients to discuss if their stories are suitable for possible features. We place stories in a huge range of national newspapers or magazines, and even on TV, for programmes such as This Morning and Daybreak.

Once we have advised our clients on the best strategy for their story, we begin gauging interest among national editors. This is one of the most exciting parts of the day. It’s great to see commissioning editors battle it out for the right to carry a top story before anyone else.

This process means we are able to offer exclusive publishing deals to our clients thanks to our established contacts within the industry. Clients may have a preference over which publication they want to go with. This is fine – we always act in our clients’ interests.

Afternoons are usually spent writing clients’ stories, told in their words, in a tone we make sure they are happy with.

There’s no way of knowing what time we’ll finish or where in the country we will end up, but one thing’s for sure — we will all go to bed looking forward to the next day, when anything could happen.