Is your ex the UK’s worst love cheat?

Is your ex the UK’s worst love cheat?

We’re sweeping the nation to find the UK’s worst love cheat, and this week we’re taking our search to more cities across the UK.

There’s up to £2,000 on offer for your true stories of betrayal. The more dastardly the love rat, the higher your fee. After all, we think you deserve it for putting up with pathetic lies, deceit and treachery!

Our sources tell us you ladies have been let down by some horrible men… so come on, name and shame.

Love cheat pic

– Did your man cheat with a family member? Maybe your sister or your mum?

– Has he swapped you for your best mate?

– Was he unfaithful in the run up to your wedding, or shortly after you tied the knot?

– Did you set a trap to catch your man in the act? Or did his texts and emails tell you all you needed to know?

Tell us your tales of deception and disloyalty, and if you’re chosen for our shortlist you’ll get the satisfaction of exposing your ex in a national magazine. But there’s much more on offer than just revenge… for every shortlisted story we’ll pay out up to £2,000 so you can really spoil yourself. Who needs a man anyway!

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